Artificial Vision is a field that deals with the automatic interpretation of visual information (images and videos). It is used to assist in health, security, robotics, manufacturing, and entertainment, among others. Its impact in the industry and its related job opportunities have been growing exponentially in the last years.

The scope of this stream is to study the theory and obtain hands-on experience on various state-of-the-art techniques including:

  • Contour and line detection (e.g. delineating contours in real images)
  • Object recognition (e.g. face and pedestrian detection, biometrics)
  • Image segmentation (e.g. medical image diagnosis)
  • Object tracking (e.g. tracking moving objects such as cars)
  • Action recognition (e.g. detection if a person started running)

The learning outcomes include:

  1. To become abreast with state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms
  2. To understand the suitability of algorithms to which applications
  3. To be able to design a solution for a given computer vision problem
  4. To be skilled in implementing computer vision techniques using Matlab/Python
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