Collaboration with STMicroelectronics


Dr Charlie Abela, Prof. Alexiei Dingli, Dr George Azzopardi, Mr Joseph Bonello, Mr Tonio Portughese (ST), Mr Fabio Gualandris (ST) Vice President, UM Rector Prof. Alfred Vella, Dean, Faculty of ICT, Prof. Ernest Cachia

The Department of AI is collaborating with STMicroelectronics to develop and apply a global project of Big Data analytics on back-end manufacturing. The project involves the  use manufacturing  data and ST’s manufacturing environment to improve yields, efficiency and processes and to set up a Big Data analytics team. The Big Data project is a priority for ST’s back-end manufacturing and technology that will lead the way towards the creation of a Big Data Excellence Centre, serving all ST’s back-end plants.




apps4Parliament: Making parliamentary data more accessible (THINK Issue 19)

In this project Dr.Charlie Abela and Dr. Joel Azzopardi from the Department of AI are focusing on Linked Open data related to the Maltese Parliament.The project is being conducted in collaboration with the Office of the Speaker and the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) to create a number of apps intended to make Parliament’s data more open, searchable and accessible. This research is focused on the collection of Parliamentary Questions (PQs) that are submitted by Members of Parliament (MPs) during each parliamentary sitting.With over 200K of PQs to sift through, it is not easy for citizens to find what they’re looking for. The PQViz app that was created leverages on the interaction data between the Members of Parliament (MP) from the different parties that is linked to MPs’ profile data to more comprehensively display information about the MPs that asked questions and the Ministers that answered them. Graph analytics are used to leverage on the interaction between MPs to present an interesting, interactive visualisation through which common citizens can more intuitively understand questions like: who asked whom about what, who asked the most PQs, and who answered them.


  • 2017/2018
    • Charlot Baldacchino: Legal Assistance System for the development and planning domain
    • Stephen Abela: Analytics of patient flow patterns in healthcare using blockchain
    • Maurice Saliba: Mobile network data analytics for traffic flow and individual travel-time forecasting
    • Jurgen Cassar: A Big Data Approach for Clustering Large Chemical Datasets
  •  2016/17
    • Vitaly Popovich: Predictive maintenance (in collaboration with ST Microelectronics)
    • Silvio McGurk: Towards Ontology Quality Assessment
    • Joseph D’Emanuele: Discovery of medicinal molecules based on similarity networks and metrics


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