On behalf of all the departmental members, I welcome you to the Department of Artificial Intelligence. Our teaching and research focus on how to render and inject intelligence into everyday applications and computerised systems. The ultimate aim of our research is to emulate human intelligence and automate computer systems to efficiently do what normally requires a person to do effectively. AI is probably the most important technology in the near future and it comes to no surprise that tech giants like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and many others are investing heavily in this technology. Our department offers a number of courses, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, which include several elements of exciting and current research areas in AI.

Feel free to contact us through our ‘staff‘ pages. We will be more than happy to assist you and share the exciting domain of AI including user-adaptive systems, bioinformatics, machine learning, web science, human language technologies, big data, search and information retrieval, robotics, game playing, virtual, augmented reality and much more.

Take Care.

Alexiei Dingli