MSc in AI

The M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence is a degree course in one specific branch of ICT that deals with simulating intelligence within real-world applications.

This degree course has been purposely designed for working professionals and graduates who have just completed their undergraduate degree to form a strong and deep understanding of AI topics. The degree includes a taught component which allows the student to either follow a thematic area (Big Data, Creative Technologies or Automation) or to simply choose study units according to one’s interests. This is then followed by a research component which is predominantly covered by the thesis.

The programme has been designed to allow flexibility and cater for different needs. It is possible to work intensely to complete it full-time within one calendar year, or else part-time over a two-year period. Lectures are held from 5pm onwards to accommodate those candidates who have a day job.

Finally, this Masters is intended to appeal and address current and future industry demands and niches by allowing the possibility of internships with industry partners as part of applied projects and/or the final project.
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About Big Data Analytics
The Big Data Analytics stream focuses on a strong theoretical background in machine learning, data mining, visualization, technologies and statistical data analysis. An advanced knowledge and appreciation of non-statistical approaches to data and distributed systems and large scale (NoSQL) databases also forms an integral part of this stream. Finally, an appreciation of how the role of a data analyst or scientist fits into the organizational and development processes of a company will be covered.

About Creative Technologies:
The Creative Technologies stream focuses on smart technologies that are becoming increasingly important for the creative industries. The skills associated with the once-separate creative and technical worlds are beginning to overlap more and more, especially with the rise of smart interfaces and wearable devices. The scope of this stream is to serve as a link between these two worlds thus creating professionals capable of bridging the gap which exists between the two. In this stream, you will get hands-on experience with Virtual and Augmented Reality, Serious Games, Digital Animation, Graphic Narrative, etc.

About Artificial Vision:
Artificial Vision stream deals with the automatic interpretation of visual information (images and videos). It is used to assist in health, security, robotics, manufacturing, and entertainment, among others. Its impact in the industry and the related job opportunities have been growing substantially. In this stream, we will study and obtain hands-on experience in various state-of-the-art techniques including Object recognition (e.g. face and pedestrian detection, biometrics), Object tracking (e.g. tracking moving objects such as cars), Image segmentation (e.g. medical image diagnosis), etc.

About Automation:
The Automation stream offers different facets of Artificial Intelligence, bringing together aspects of Robotics, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Vision. Automation is an ever growing industry in AI and, through this stream, you will receive applied, hands-on training in preparation to meet both industry demands, as well as gain the necessary knowledge to undertake research in this exciting field. Robot/Machine-Human interaction is becoming ubiquitous in our everyday devices. Through this stream, you will be exposed to the different aspects of automation including intelligent interfaces, robotics, natural language processing, internet of things and computer vision using both a practical and theoretical approach. It will also cover foundational concepts of various fields such as control systems, embedded systems, control logic, feedback loops and sensors.

About Fintech:
Fintech is one of our latest additions in our Masters. This stream will provide students with the core elements of financial technologies and will educate them on how to digitally transform business operations using AI techniques. In addition, students will obtain a deeper knowledge of financial systems, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics. The use of emerging technologies like Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies will also be covered. Fintech is quickly driving efficiency up and costs down through to the digitalisation of transactions thus creating a cross-disciplinary science. The course will equip students with the essential skills and knowledge for a career in this field; it combines theory, intensive practice and industrial engagement. The initiative is also expected to contribute significantly to the digital transformation of the country’s financial services industry especially since Malta is aiming to become a Finetech hub in the coming years.

As an example of what the course content looks like, you can see here the course structure for the 2017-2018 enrollment.

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